Registered capital

Registered capital: 220.8 million (listed on A shares)


Double Soft Enterprise

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Passed CMMI4, ISO27001 ISO9001 qualification certification


SA8000, ISO14001 OHSAS18001

R & D institutions

Shanghai R & D Institution Certification

China Software

China Software and Information Services Credit AAA Enterprise

Information system

Information System Integration and Service Qualification (Level 3)

12 patents

12 patents, dozens of software copyrights, several software product certificates


The company and all management recognize that compliance with international labor standards and the maintenance of labor rights and social responsibility policies are the basic conditions for a responsible company and the expectations of stakeholders such as consumers, customers, the public and the government .

The company is committed to abiding by national labor laws and regulations, complying with internationally recognized labor standards, and other applicable industry standards and international conventions to continuously improve working conditions and employee benefits. Like quality management, social responsibility management is also an organic part of the company's daily operations. Performing social responsibility is a necessary condition for the company to provide good products to meet customer needs.

The company appoints management managers to be responsible for social responsibility management, establishes, implements and maintains a good social responsibility management system, and extends this requirement to suppliers and subcontractors. Company statement: 1. Prohibit and do not support the use of child labor, and do not accept any suppliers or subcontractors who use child labor or forced labor. 2. Respect employees' freedom and prohibit any form of forced or compulsory labor. 3. Provide safe and hygienic working and living conditions to ensure the safety and health of employees. 4. Promote labor-management cooperation and respect employees' freedom of association and collective bargaining rights. 5. Provide an equal and fair working environment and prohibit any form of discrimination. 6. Respect the basic human rights of employees, and prohibit and do not support any form of insulting behavior. 7. Reasonably arrange production plan, arrange employees' working hours and rests. 8. Provide reasonable wages and benefits, at least to meet the basic needs of employees. 9. Promote commercial integrity and prevent corruption.


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Company news


When 2D video meets AI, the stereo vision is in sight

Living in a three-dimensional world, the objects we observe have three dimensions: width, height, and depth. Traditional 2D video technology confines our eyes to the flat world, while 3D video has depth information, presents stereoscopic visual effects through the parallax of the left and right eyes, and is closer to the real physical world, allowing viewers to have an immersive feeling . Details



Company news


Integrating VR technology, Netar software helps party building education visualization

On March 5th, the leaders of the Party Working Committee of Huaihai Middle Road, Shanghai, and their party visited Netar Software to jointly explore a new way of party building and learning. With the maturity of VR technology, the application field has gradually expanded. As the propaganda position of the new form of party and government media, the intelligent innovation of VR party building technology applications has opened up new ideas and directions for traditional party building and red education. Details



Company news


Suspension and suspension of school——Wanda Software fully escorts online education “in the air”

On March 2, 1.4 million elementary and middle school students in Shanghai entered the "Air Classroom" and officially started online learning. After the epidemic broke out, in response to the Ministry of Education's call for "no suspension of classes", Neta Software quickly launched an emergency mechanism during the Spring Festival holiday, emergency deployment, mobilizing manpower, working overtime, remote collaboration, helping Migu video to be completed in a very short time The overall launch details of "Yun Xue Tang"

Business history



    Obtained the "High-Growth Headquarters in Pudong New Area"

    Selected as "Top 20 Innovation and Entrepreneur of 2017" in Pudong New Area, Shanghai

    Passed SA8000 qualification certification "


    Won the title of "China Software and Information Service Credit AAA Enterprise"

    Passed the quality management system certification ISO9001 (CNAS mark), occupational health and safety management system certification

    OHSAS18001 (CNAS mark), environmental management system certification ISO14001 (CNAS mark)


    2016.9.14 Netasoft's A shares successfully listed, stock code: 603189

    2016.1.27 The company passed the audit by the main board


    Hangzhou branch established

    Operation platform upgraded to POMS + VOMS

    Large-scale commercial use of video and audio processing

    4G Integrated Broadcast Control Solution Core Provider

    Expand the market of electronic publishing industry


    Large-scale commercial release of OTT applications

    Deepening national business development, Chongqing branch established

    Surging news projects are well received by the market

    Client middleware technology innovator


    Deepening national business development, Beijing branch established

    Passed CMMI4 qualification certification

    Exploit Hunan and Hubei Markets

    Multi-screen interaction and multi-screen integration lead the market


    Established Hefei Wangda Subsidiary

    National business development, Guangzhou branch established

    Passed CMMI3, ISO27001, ISO9001 and other qualification certifications

    Obtained special support for Shanghai software and integrated circuit industry development

    Forming the first-mover advantage in the new media industry

    China Unicom's mobile TV business core platform provider and service supporter

    In-depth development of other mobile Internet business areas, financial insurance business


    Take the lead in wireless city project construction

    Obtained high-tech enterprise certification

    3G integrated broadcast control solution provider, serving the broadcast media field

    China Telecom Tianyi Video Mobile TV Platform Provider and Service Supporter

    China Mobile Video Base Mobile Video Core Platform Provider and Service Supporter

    The client middleware product is adapted to a comprehensive multi-platform terminal of smart phones and functional machines.


    Enter the mobile Internet video business

    Obtained key support from Shanghai service industry guidance funds

    Obtained software company certification

    Committed to in-depth research and development of core products OMS and WRP


    Shanghai Wangda Software Co., Ltd. was established

    The company settled in Shanghai Pudong Golden Bridge Software Park (National Video Innovation Park)

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Shanghai Headquarters

Shanghai Headquarters

409 Chuanqiao Road, Shanghai Free Trade Pilot Zone

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(86-21) 50301863

Chongqing subsidiary

Chongqing subsidiary

6 / F, Block C, Kirin, No.53, No.2, Middle Section, Huangshan Avenue, Yubei District, Chongqing

Hefei subsidiary

Hefei subsidiary

14th Floor, First Tower, Fortune Plaza, No. 278, Luxi Road, Luyang District, Hefei

Zhejiang Branch

Zhejiang Branch

Block F, Xixi Ginza, No. 780 Wen Er West Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou