Client middleware

A platform for mobile application development, operation, and management. In view of the current situation of multi-mobile terminals and multiple operating systems in the mobile Internet, WRP provides a cross-platform engine, implements convenient and efficient client one-time development, and is applicable to multiple platforms / multi-terminals by shielding the differences between the underlying operating system and hardware types.
Product Positioning
The "Internet +" action plan has become the accelerator of the Chinese economy, fundamentally changing all aspects of personal life, corporate markets, and government management. In particular, when the mobile internet brings us a broader space for development, it also brings challenges. To achieve enterprise-level mobile applications through technical means, how to work efficiently, respond in a timely manner, minimize costs, and maximize revenue is a topic.
Mobile client becomes an essential part of the times
Wanda Software insists on product innovation and develops a new way in the development of mobile client. It borrows the idea of cross-platform virtual machine to develop client middleware products to promote the better development of the industry in the mobile network economy. Based on WRP client middleware for development and management, we support:
Adopt B / C / S mixed mode to support multiple business forms
Integrate rich components through plug-in framework, easy to expand
Inherit native level effects controls to enrich user experience
Unique encryption algorithm to ensure application security
Develop cross-platform engine with multi-terminal adaptation at one time
Quickly complete the mobile client online, safe and easy to maintain
Technical advantages
Reduce the difficulty of mobile application development
Greatly improve the efficiency of mobile phone application development
Shorten the application release cycle
Reduce R & D costs
Development language is easy to learn and use