Content dissemination matrix system

The MCN Content Dissemination Matrix System provides efficient and transparent operation services, brand promotion, marketing and other services for enterprises or individuals. It is committed to providing new media people with operation tools, distribution through multiple Internet media platforms, platform data monitoring, and ongoing content. Creation optimization, performance monitoring after delivery.
Product Features
MCN Self Service Portal
It has an easy-to-use self-operating operation interface and a one-click publishing tool, allowing self-media people and operators to focus on content creation, helping the spread of content and traffic harvesting.
Content distribution media
It can be distributed to 16 Internet media platforms with one click, providing convenient one-key video publishing service for multi-platform video, multi-platform video account management, and cross-platform video data analysis.
Strong content output capability
Content output methods include different channels such as API, SDK, H5 portal, etc. The batch content output can be pure content or content with billing products.
core advantages
One-click distribution
One-click direct access to major Internet media platforms to maximize content exposure and influence.
Data monitoring during unloading
Real-time data transmission, basic recommendation, reading, likes and comments are monitored in real time.
AI empowerment
Through machine learning and intelligent algorithm models, the high-value information in content dissemination is isolated.
Multi-account management
Efficient management, account portrait, professional operation, effect monitoring.
Internet distribution media

16 media platforms have been connected

Social media: Sina Weibo, WeChat public account
Information Media: Toutiao, Penguin Media, One Point, NetEase, Phoenix
Online videos: iQiyi, Tencent Video, Bilibili, ACFUN
Short video: second beat, vibrato, watermelon video, small volcano video, quick hands
Application scenario
Content creator
Creators only need to focus on creating better content, let the most professional people do the most professional things, achieve short-term cooperation, and maximize the benefits. MCN will spread for the creators and attract more advertising cooperation.
Big head V
MCN will give full play to the power of media distribution. The whole platform is released with one click. The MCN intelligent algorithm distribution is more accurate to reach the crowd, providing matrix-type communication channels to enhance the brand influence of the big V.
MCN agency
Build an open content ecosystem and cooperate with MCN institutions to obtain a large amount of high-quality content more efficiently, greatly promoting the value and content upgrade of the Internet content market.