Electronic Work Order System

The electronic work order system has created a digital management environment with the organization personnel and processes as the core for the enterprise. The process is used as the bloodline to drive the business operation, and a standardized and standardized work process system is realized. Management realizes the electronic integration of enterprise workflow and various resources.
The main function
Process customization
Provide powerful definition tools, you can quickly define the underlying field, form, path to the process, and other process elements without mastering special techniques
Process monitoring
Real-time monitoring of the process, allowing people at relevant nodes of the process to track the execution of the entire process, and analyzing and processing the efficiency and quality of process execution
Key special management
System management for special tasks that are complex, require cross-department collaboration, and have no fixed operating procedures
Information Resource Management
Effectively manage the output information such as form information, uploaded files, approvals and approvals added by the system or manual methods in the process of process circulation
Briefing management
Templated work briefings allow employees to easily submit work plans and summaries, summarize completed tasks into briefings, and administrators can customize briefing templates
It is convenient for managers to understand the operation of the company and each business as a whole, and provide data and analysis for business, process and organization to support decision-making
core advantages
Process management is the most critical and core part of an enterprise's construction. The greatest value lies in providing an execution tool for the enterprise's institutional process system, ensuring the execution of the process, reducing business risks, and improving business efficiency


Through business process-driven realization of finding people, comprehensively improve staff efficiency, strengthen monitoring and leadership management effectiveness


Full back-end engineization, access to multiple platforms, making the organization flatter and flexible to adapt to changes in business needs


Real-time resource sharing, retaining all resource information in the workflow process, creating a virtuous cycle of resource accumulation, sharing, utilization and innovation


In a mobile living environment, you can move and handle various affairs anytime and anywhere
Application scenario
Personal office
Collaborative office, plan tasks, resource management, etc.
Organization and Operation
Marketing activities, content production, content publishing, etc.
Business management
Special management, marketing management, data report, etc.