Multi-screen interactive products

Multi-screen interactive products are the bridge between mobile phones (tablets) and TVs. Through multi-screen interactive products, users can realize the content watching on mobile phones and the high-quality movie watching experience on mobile phones. The multi-screen interactive product is composed of three parts: mobile SDK, TV APK and message channel. It smoothly realizes the seamless connection between mobile phone and TV, with rich functions and a more diversified experience.
The main function
Casting function
Gently "push", the video is on screen. Cast video from mobile phone to watch on TV and enjoy the big screen movie watching experience!
Screen pull function
Gently "pull" and the video will be sent back. The TV video is transmitted back to the mobile phone for playback.
Remote control function
Mobile phone remote control TV. Mobile phone replaces remote controller, remote control is more powerful!
Multicast mode
Look at the multi-channel live broadcast, Hold a visual feast, here! There! Dazzling and can't stop!
Video screenshot
Mobile screen TV screen, super black technology, make your phone into a treasure chest!
Smart Voice
Listen to your voice, understand your thoughts, and help your little assistant!
Technical advantages
It covers the functions of screen casting, screen pulling, remote control, intelligent voice, screen capture, multi-channel live broadcast viewing, cross-screen resume broadcast, live broadcast reservation and other functions.
Data communication
It can realize the data communication between mobile phone and TV, viewing history sharing, cross-screen continued broadcasting, appointment sharing, etc.
remote control
The transmission protocol of the Internet mechanism is no longer confined to the same network, the application scenarios are more extensive, and the data transmission is more stable.
Simple to implement
The product is easy to integrate and expand, the mobile APP integrates a multi-screen interactive SDK, and the TV integrates the corresponding SDK to implement basic multi-screen interactive functions.
Application scenario
family entertainment
Home education, home theater, intelligent interaction
Conference Office
PPT projection screen, remote conference, real-time control
Internet of Things
Vehicle-to-vehicle interconnection, smart home, wearable devices