Smart Super Business System

Through the introduction of the latest artificial intelligence and big data analysis technology, to identify and analyze customers and in-store behaviors, combined with a variety of retail methods, provide consumers with personalized and diversified consumption services, guide marketing strategy adjustment and in-store space layout Optimization, so as to adapt to the development trend of the industry under the new retail model, and continuously improve the consumer experience of customers.
Platform features
Intelligent face recognition
Through face recognition to quickly and accurately identify the identity of store customers, provide personalized service options.
Intelligent behavior recognition
Identify and track the behavior of store personnel, establish a relationship model of personnel-moving line-behavior, and realize the trajectory analysis of store personnel
Intelligent passenger flow analysis
Real-time detection and display of the passenger flow hot zone based on real scene, to achieve statistical analysis of the real heat of the commodity and the stay in the store area.
Platform advantages

Microservice architecture

Adapt to a variety of application scenarios, provide core algorithm services, can be quickly integrated into existing systems, saving deployment costs and debugging time.

One-stop solution for data collection, analysis and application

By providing standardized implementation solutions, maximizing the use of existing equipment and resources, achieving multi-source data integration, customer identification and analysis, and providing personalized and accurate services.
Core Technology
Multi-target recognition
Real-time monitoring of multiple feature points of the face using deep learning neural network to achieve high-frequency, high-robustness multi-target simultaneous detection, tracking, and recognition, realizing accurate recognition of massive portrait libraries and accurate customers in non-cooperative scenarios Capture and identify.
Multi-target tracking
A hybrid detection + tracking + re-picking algorithm is used to track specific customers, and the multi-scene unified spatial positioning algorithm is used to calculate the customer's position coordinates in real space, which realizes the multi-customer human / humanoid recognition and real-world spatial positioning in open congestion scenarios.
Precision marketing analysis
Based on the aggregation and integration of multi-dimensional data, profile management and value analysis of users, combined with business chain data integration and business demand guidance, achieve accurate service of target users, real-time monitoring of marketing activities and results.
Application scenario
Marketing recommendation
Real heat
Dynamic tracking
Passenger flow statistics