Business functions
Commodity management

Support basic information management of goods, inventory quantity management

Transaction management

The background can view and manage the user's order status in real time

Presentation management

Support real-time update of front-end banner, leaderboard, and recommended area products

Marketing management

Marketing campaign management for specific product range

Warehouse management

Support the outbound and inbound storage of self-operated commodities, and the management of the inventory quantity of each commodity in the warehouse

Paper-electricity linkage

Paper books and e-books are automatically associated to promote each other

Rich front-end performance

Support APP, H5 multi-front-end business performance

Statistical report

Support multi-dimensional visual reports of users, commodities and orders

Program features

Microservice architecture, loosely coupled design

Designed based on the popular microservice architecture on the Internet, supporting container deployment and O & M, greatly improving business flexibility and O & M

Online and offline

Combine online and offline. It can realize the scenario of buying a book online and picking it up in an offline bookstore; it can also realize the scenario of picking a book in a bookstore and paying by scanning code on a mobile phone

Rich marketing methods

Support the common discount and full reduction promotion methods of e-commerce; support marketing activities to issue book coupons and recharge cards for payment deductions, and can also be combined with physical cards

Docking logistics and payment

Connected to the logistics data of the courier company to query the logistics status of the goods in real time; connected to various cash register methods of Alipay, WeChat, and phone bills, saving effort and effort