core function

Support RTMP, HLS, HTTP-FLV multi-protocol video push streaming, pull streaming and content distribution capabilities

Concurrent injection of online live broadcast, with H.265 4K 30fps real-time transcoding capability

Live recording, automatically generate on-demand files to facilitate users to look back

Customize playbills through virtual live broadcast, broadcast in the form of live broadcast

Support video to add watermark, and can be flexibly configured to help users achieve rapid operation

Full-terminal adaptive playback, automatically adjusting the video resolution and bit rate according to the user's network environment to ensure the user's smooth live broadcast experience

Live broadcast

Live transcoding

Realized high-quality, high-performance and high-security real-time encoding and transcoding, supporting industry-leading technologies such as 4K and H265

Live program list

Support refined operation of live program list, realize fast display and accurate recommendation of some content, and avoid copyright issues

Live stream included

Support to create a live recording program based on the live program list, and realize the fast binding of live on-demand after the live broadcast; support 7 * 24h live time-shift recording to achieve seamless integration of recording and live broadcasting

Live strip

In the process of real-time live broadcasting, video stripping can be completed, supporting real-time live broadcast rapid stripping, splitting while broadcasting, and minute-level presentation, which greatly meets the demand for timeliness

Simulated Live

Support to obtain on-demand files according to the program list arranged by the system, transcode into streaming service files, and output externally for carousel services

Application scenario
Open live

Recording, review, program list, virtual live broadcast

Interactive Live

Game live broadcast, anchor


Live show, live sports, remote monitoring, live concert