The main function
Mobile video APP

Live / on-demand video playback, download, feature, recommendation, search, short video, long video, purchase, comment, share, like, etc.

Portal system

Page layout, presentation, caching, adaptation, tags, resume, ranking, history, user authentication, authentication, online customer service, etc.

Search recommendation

Keywords, word segmentation, synonyms, sensitive words, stop words, hot words, automatic completion, error correction, sorting rules, grammar highlighting, weight configuration, manual recommendation, user attribute recommendation, behavioral collaborative recommendation, content collaborative recommendation

Operating system

Column management, synchronization management, display position management, template management, label management, product package, batch operation, release management, withdrawal management, authority management, etc.

Copyright system

Copyright entry, copyright party management, copyright query, copyright binding, copyright screening, rule configuration, most copyright, copyright release, system management, etc.

Broadcast control docking system

Broadcast control party management, broadcast control policy settings, policy status, rule matching, broadcast control content management, broadcast control interface docking, pass and reject, broadcast control log, broadcast control statistics

Media Asset System

Open circuit live broadcast management, live broadcast, analog live broadcast, live broadcast program list management, event management, broadcast list, program, video, media management, character data, content library, etc.

Video transcoding

Live transcoding, on-demand transcoding, high definition, standard definition, 4K, HDR, transcoding protocol, transcoding rate, transencapsulation

Core advantages of end-to-end large-scale Internet commercial systems

Mass content management capabilities

Manage the characteristics of PB-level massive content assets, live broadcast management capability of more than 1,000 channels, fast collection, large capacity, good scheduling, easy management, multi-point distribution, online production and so on. Complete content management process for uploading, warehousing, reviewing, processing, publishing, and distribution of content sources

On-demand daily operations

The unified operation and release management of content in multiple channels, multiple terminals, and multiple portals; the realization of multi-role, large-scale team collaboration through flexible decentralization and domain management; the rapid development of clients through the B / C / S hybrid model, How fast and easy to adapt to thousands of mobile phones on the market

High picture quality transcoding technology

High-quality, high-performance, high-security real-time encoding and transcoding; supports one source and multiple screens (set-top boxes, mobile phones, PAD and PC terminals). Facing different market requirements, provide flexible software and hardware solutions. Migu 2018 World Cup transcoding system technology manufacturer

Ten million-level Japanese PV big concurrency portal

Through data caching technology, page static technology, message asynchronous processing mechanism, dynamic and static page separation and deployment mechanism, high fault-tolerant processing technology, and parallel expansion architecture to achieve tens of millions of daily PV large concurrent systems