Program features
Multiple bearing methods

Realize multiple marketing activities such as APP, H5, PC, TV, etc.

Rich marketing cases

Nearly one hundred kinds of marketing cases have been contracted, which can quickly formulate marketing plans that are in line with products

Platform control

Multi-dimensional control through the platform to realize real-time marketing activity rule management

Marketing effectiveness analysis

Carry out comprehensive statistics and analysis in combination with marketing programs

Popular marketing activities


The popular answering activity of the whole network, just answer all the questions correctly, you can divide the super prize pool, carry out at any time, withdraw


Collect five blessings and send gifts. Get Wufu through different channels

Red envelope rain

Playing the World Cup, the ball will take the red envelope rain, forward it to the circle of friends, and get another mysterious gift


The big turntable, random heartbeat prizes, as long as the character is the emperor, the super prize is taken home

Multi-dimensional management
Cycle management

Multi-dimensional activity life cycle control

Shelf management

Carry out activities at any time

Prize management

Prize category, probability, quantity

User Management

Supports multiple user groups for segment management

Core technical advantages
High capacity

Support over 100 million users

High concurrency

Support high concurrency, without interruption of activities


Strictly control activities and prize safety

Online management

Online operation, real-time control