The main function
Types of Based on the transmission of IP private network, the main result of the integration of the three networks of broadcasting network, broadband network and communication network is jointly operated by the broadcasting and telecommunications system. It has the dual functions of traditional TV and interactive TV, and the only authorized service on the TV side of the live broadcast authority. In the form of TV broadcasting based on Internet transmission, content parties and hardware parties inside and outside the radio and television system enter the TV content market through license holders. They do not have the right to live broadcast and are strictly controlled by radio and television.
Licensee IPTV license, broadcast control license Content service licensee, broadcast control licensee
The internet IPTV Metropolitan Area Network Public internet
Service provider Telecom operators, radio and television licensees, technology providers Broadcast and television integrators, telecommunications operators, Internet companies
terminal STB + TV Set-top box + TV, Internet TV
content Live broadcast, look back, time shift, on-demand, value-added services On-demand, carousel, Internet applications
Billing Operator billing entrance Multi-party billing entrance
Key system

Wanda Software has rich experience in the overall construction of large-screen video systems, and related products have been tested by the market. Our solution has the following key systems:

Content management system

Provide CP / SP content management for all access-related services, including the completion of the service arrangement of each content (including channel arrangement), CP / SP management, content publishing, etc.

Business Operation Management System

Provide business system user information management, product basic information management, content tariff strategy management, broadcast controller information management, business basic data management, etc.

Business Support Service System

Provide business support service capabilities including user activation, authentication login, authentication and accounting, inquiry ordering, etc.

EPG container

Provides EPG service capabilities for terminals, and uses WebService, HTTP URL, HTML tags and other methods to achieve business packaging and page display

data collection system

Provide business system data collection, invalid data filtering, and summary functions, such as: user login authentication log, injected content data, user playback authentication data, page access behavior log, etc.

Statistical Analysis System

Responsible for the statistics of user behavior, bill data, and sorting the statistical data. Based on the collected and reported data, perform statistical analysis on IPTV services, including business index statistics, business special analysis, etc.

Terminal management

Manage terminal information corresponding to the system, and perform unified management of terminal application upgrades

Set-top box application development

Set-top box TV business application APP rapid development capabilities, and adapt to different set-top box terminals, while integrating business SDK, etc.